Emmy® award-winning filmmaker Michael Barnett’s moving and subsuming sports documentary illuminates an issue dominating cultural conversation. Changing the Game is a portrait of three resilient transgender high school athletes across the United States fighting to participate in the sports they love while swimming against the rising tide of antagonism from sides all the way up to the Supreme Court. We get to know Sarah Rose Huckman, a spunky skier and teen policymaker in New Hampshire, Andraya Yearwood, a track star who finds herself currently at the center of a hotly covered federal ACLU case, and Mack Beggs, the two-time Texas State Champion wrestler who made front page headlines for dominating girl’s wrestling with the dream to wrestle other boys. 


Caught in the crosshairs of international debate about their identity and inclusion, these kid athletes channel the endurance they’ve learned on their sports teams into their ever more public and sometimes accidental advocacy battles. Relatable to anyone who’s ever felt to be an underdog or outsider, people will marvel at the perseverance these teens show in the face of unfiltered vitriol on a public stage, showcasing a maturity far beyond anything their young age should require but nonetheless inspiring and moving people of all ages. With the support of an unforgettable cast of subjects including a loving, gun-toting Southern Baptist Texas Sheriff of 25 years grandmother, fiercely protective athletic trainer mother, and adoptive parents who hold the happiness and health of their child above anything else, the film’s reception at film festivals across the world shine through that these stories are deeply affecting and changing the game in real time. 

Produced by Clare Tucker and Alex Schmider.